TitleAuthor(s) Year of Publication
Taking Proactive Groundwater Management to the Next Level (Lunch-MAR | October 2020)
  • Maurice Hall
On-farm Recharge in Practice (Lunch-MAR | November 2020)
  • Daniel Mountjoy
  • Taylor Broadhead
  • Ladi Asgill
  • Eric Lee
Shaping Land Use Change and Ecosystem Restoration in Ag Landscapes (Lunch-MAR | Dec 2020)
  • Benjamin Bryant
  • Rodd Kelsey
Connecting the Dots for Flood-MAR and the Value of Networks
  • Orit Kalman
  • Mike Antos
  • Marisa Perez-Reyes
  • Jenny Marr
  • Lisa Beutler
Lesson Learned from Winter 2022-23, Workshop Event (FloodMAR Network | March 2023)
  • Department of Water Resources
180 Day Technical and Regulatory Assistance Program Workshop (Network Event | May 2023)
  • Department of Water Resources
  • State Water Resources Control Board
  • CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
2021 Flood MAR Forum Topic II (Flood-MAR Forum | Nov 2021)
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Matt Zidar, San Joaquin County Department of Public Works
  • Patricia Lock Dawson, Mayor of Riverside
  • Tim Quinn, San Joaquin Valley Water Collaborative Action Program
  • Gary Bardini, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency
  • Julie Rentner, River Partners
2021 Flood MAR Forum Topic I & Keynote (Flood-MAR Forum | Nov 2021)
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Nathan Weyland, Weyland Visuals
  • Don Cameron, Terranova Ranch
  • Mike Antos, Stantec
  • Adam Hutchinson, Orange County Water District
  • Philip Bachand, Bachand and Associates
  • Aysha Massell, Sustainable Conservation
2021 Flood-MAR Virtual Public Forum, November 10 afternoon session (Flood-MAR Forum | Nov 2021)
  • Department of Water Resources
  • Dirk Charley, Tribal Liaison, Dunlap Band of Mono Indians
  • Sharon Ferrell, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy
  • Karen Ross, Secretary of CA Department of Food and Agriculture
Evaluating Managed Aquifer Recharge Potential for Areas South of Sacramento, CA (Lunch-MAR | March 2023 )
  • Rob Gailey
Sol-MAR: Water and Electricity Do Mix (Lunch-MAR | April 2023)
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Geosciences Division
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Building Technology and Urban Systems Division
  • Great Plains Institute
Reconnecting the San Joaquin Resilient Floodplains Pilot Studies (Lunch-MAR | May 2023)
  • cbec eco engineering
  • Jacobs Engineering
  • CA DWR
Controls on flood managed aquifer recharge through a heterogeneous vadose zone: hydrologic modeling at a site characterized with surface geophysics
  • Zach Perzan
  • Gordon Osterman
  • Kate Maher
Fairmead Groundwater Resilience Project
Tulare Irrigation District Winter Irrigation
Executive Order to Use Floodwater to Recharge and Store Groundwater
  • Governor Gavin Newsom
CA NV River Forecast Center
  • National Weather Service
  • CA Department of Water Resources
Understanding Multiple Benefits of Floodplain Restoration from Flood-Managed Aquifer Recharge in Madera County, California
  • Alex Ehrens
  • Annika Leiby
  • Alex Milward
  • Nicole Schmidt
Sustainability of Regional Groundwater Quality in Response to Managed Aquifer Recharge
  • Zhilin Guo
  • Graham E. Fogg
  • Kewei Chen
  • Rich Pauloo
  • Chunmiao Zheng
Flood Control, Groundwater Recharge, and Water Rights
  • State Water Resources Control Board
Maximizing on-farm groundwater recharge with surface reservoir releases: a planning approach and case study in California, USA
  • Robert M. Gailey
  • Graham E. Fogg
  • Jay R. Lund
  • Josué Medellin-Azuara
Recharge Roundtable Call to Action: Key Steps for Replenishing California Groundwater
  • Graham Fogg (ed.)
  • Leigh Bernacchi (ed.)
  • Helen Dahlke
  • Andrew Fisher
  • Erfan Goharian
  • Thomas Harter
  • Adam Hutchison
  • John McHugh
  • Tim Parker
  • Samuel Sandoval Solis
Water Security, Drought and Climate Change: A California Perspective
  • Graham Fogg
  • Erfan Goharian
  • Robert Gailey
  • Stephen Maples
  • Sam Sandoval
Executive Order 13 Fact Sheet: California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Relief for Groundwater Recharge Projects
  • Department of Water Resources
 TitleAuthor(s) Year of Publication

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