TitleRecharge Roundtable Call to Action: Key Steps for Replenishing California Groundwater
Resource Author(s)
  • Graham Fogg (ed.)
  • Leigh Bernacchi (ed.)
  • Helen Dahlke
  • Andrew Fisher
  • Erfan Goharian
  • Thomas Harter
  • Adam Hutchison
  • John McHugh
  • Tim Parker
  • Samuel Sandoval Solis
Year of Publication2018
Link to Report/Websiteucwater.org
Document UploadUC-Water-Recharge-2019_Final_Pages1.pdf
Full Description

Following the wet winter of 2016-17, UC Water and GRA of CA convened a Recharge Roundtable Workshop to identify key actions needed to significantly increase recharge to California groundwater systems during the next five years. This document summarizes results of the workshop and of numerous follow-up discussions, foreshadowing issues an problems that challenge recharge efforts to to this day. The document describes and summarizes six essential questions/challenges.

This Recharge Roundtable report is an action plan that is organized around six key questions that were posed in the workshop and are considered essential to the recharge challenge:
1. How much water is hydrologically available for recharge?
2. How much water can be recharged in different hydrogeologic environments?
3. What are the legal and regulatory bottlenecks, and how can they be eliminated or reduced? 4. How can hundreds to thousands of recharge projects be incentivized?
5. What changes in reservoir reoperation and conveyance are needed?
6. What are the water quality benefits and concerns for recharge?

Resource Host Organization, Partner Organizations (Optional)
  • UC Water Security and Sustainability Research Initiative
  • Groundwater Resources Association of California
  • University of California
Topic Area(s)
  • Economic Analysis
  • Hydrology Observation and Prediction
  • Infrastructure Conveyance and Hydraulics
  • Land Use Planning and Management
  • Local, State, and Federal Policies and Legal Considerations
  • People and Water
  • Reservoir Operations
  • Soils, Geology, and Aquifer Characterization
  • Water Quality

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