TitleSol-MAR: Water and Electricity Do Mix (Lunch-MAR | April 2023)
Resource Author(s)
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Geosciences Division
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Building Technology and Urban Systems Division
  • Great Plains Institute
YouTube Linkyoutube.com
Date of RecordingApril 2023
Full Description

Presenters explore the co-benefit approach to solar development via the use of solar fields for managed aquifer recharge. With “Floodable Solar Systems” new potential siting opportunities are created via intentional and natural flooding events. Such systems can help address MAR siting scarcity, land cost, and community and ecological benefits. The team is looking for collaborators and funding to produce a demonstration.

Topic Area(s)
  • Economic Analysis
  • Land Use Planning and Management
  • People and Water

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