Title180 Day Technical and Regulatory Assistance Program Workshop (Network Event | May 2023)
Resource Author(s)
  • Department of Water Resources
  • State Water Resources Control Board
  • CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
YouTube Linkyoutube.com
Date of RecordingMay 3, 2023
Full Description

State Water Resources Control Board, CA Department of Water Resources, and CA Department of Fish and Wildlife co-hosted a workshop on the 180-day temporary water rights permit application process and the technical and regulatory assistance available for local public agencies working on recharge projects using high flows.  Although other permit options are available, this workshop focused on the 180-day temporary permits to target support to local agencies wanting to apply for a permit this year for the 2023/24 winter diversion season.

Topic Area(s)
  • Local, State, and Federal Policies and Legal Considerations

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