TitleFlood-MAR CEQA & Permitting Flow Chart
Resource Author(s)
  • Meredith Parkin, JD, PMP (ESA)
  • John Hunter, PhD (ESA)
  • Jenny Marr (DWR)
Year of Publication2023
Document UploadFloodMAR_PermittingFlowchart_Permit_info_090623.pdf
Full Description

The Flood-MAR CEQA & Permitting Flow Chart has a series of questions a project proponent can ask during the development of a groundwater project to help understand potential regulatory requirements. The flowchart addresses CEQA and permitting, including Executive Orders and permits from agencies such as the State Water Resources Control Board, Regional Water Quality Control Board(s), United States Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Central Valley Flood Protection Board, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Marine Fisheries Service.

The accompanied table to the flow chart called “Groundwater Projects Federal and State Permit and Approval Options/Acquisition Estimates” addresses potential federal and state agency permits and approvals, including permit triggers associated with groundwater project activities.

Topic Area(s)
  • Local, State, and Federal Policies and Legal Considerations

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