TitleGrower Success Stories and Lessons Learned from 2022/23 Wet Year (Lunch-MAR | December 2023)
Resource Author(s)
  • Christine Gemperle
  • Mark Hutson
YouTube Linkyoutu.be
Date of RecordingDecember 6, 2023
Full Description

During this December 6, 2023 Lunch-MAR, we share two recordings from the recent November 7, 2023 Flood-MAR Forum event where growers Christine Gemperle and Mark Hutson discusses successes and lessons learned from implementing Flood-MAR on their farms during the landmark wet winter of 2022/2023. Participants then discussed how to engage more growers in the Flood-MAR Network.

Resource Host Organization, Partner Organizations (Optional)
  • Gemperle Orchards
  • Hutson Farms
Topic Area(s)
  • Crop System Suitability
  • Land Use Planning and Management
  • Soils, Geology, and Aquifer Characterization

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