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  • Sustainable Conservation
  • Department of Water Resources
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This document summarizes incentives and water management strategies that Central
Valley of California water districts and groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) have
developed and provided to landowners and growers in their regions to accelerate
groundwater recharge and reduce groundwater pumping in overdrafted areas. The
purpose of this document is to provide a suite of real-life examples that can be used by
other water districts and GSAs interested in customizing strategies best suited for their
subbasins. Other audiences that may also find this useful include government agencies,
technical hydrogeologic consulting firms, agricultural associations and industries, nongovernmental organizations, and other interested stakeholders seeking information on
groundwater management incentives and strategies.

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  • Crop System Suitability
  • Economic Analysis
  • Land Use Planning and Management
  • People and Water
  • Recharge and Extraction Methods and Measurement

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