Title of Project/ResourceProtecting Groundwater Quality While Replenishing Aquifers
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  • Sustainable Conservation
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Link to Report/Websitesuscon.org
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This document represents a first step towards management guidance for on-farm recharge planners and practitioners to maximize benefits to water quality and to manage risks under AgMAR. This document is also intended to be used as a resource for communities so they can more fully participate in the GSA decision-making process.

The intent of this management brief is to build understanding of how drinking water could be affected by AgMAR and identify management considerations that can be used to design AgMAR projects that are mindful of water quality. These considerations are neither prescriptive nor meant to cover the full scope of considerations needed to implement a successful recharge project or program (i.e., analysis of soil and crop suitability, hydrogeology, water rights and availability, and conveyance infrastructure, among other topics).

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  • Crop System Suitability
  • Land Use Planning and Management
  • People and Water
  • Water Quality

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