TitleCentral Valley Flood Protection Plan Risk Analysis (Lunch-MAR | July 2021)
Resource Author(s)
  • Steve Cowdin
Date of RecordingJuly 7, 2021
Full Description

On July 7, 2021, California Department of Water Resources (DWR) hosted its lunchtime Flood-MAR speaker series. In this presentation, Steve Cowdin, DWR’s lead economist for flood risk management studies, presented on the 2022 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan Risk Analysis. Beginning with the Comprehensive Study in 2001 and continuing through the 2012 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan (CVFPP) and subsequent 2017 and 2022 CVFPP Updates, flood risk analyses have been critical to evaluating flood risk management in the Central Valley. These flood risk analyses are watershed-based including hydrology, hydraulics, geotechnical engineering, and economics information. This presentation focused on the 2022 CVFPP Update and enhancements from the 2017 CVFPP Update flood risk analysis, including new climate change scenarios, structural inventories, and life loss models (HEC-LifeSim).

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  • CA Dept. of Water Resources
Topic Area(s)
  • Hydrology Observation and Prediction
  • Infrastructure Conveyance and Hydraulics
  • Local, State, and Federal Policies and Legal Considerations
  • People and Water