Flood-MAR Videos

Flood-MAR Videos

DWR Basin Characterization and AEM Survey (Lunch-MAR | November 2023)

As a part of DWR’s California’s Groundwater (Bulletin-118) Basin Characterization Program, DWR implemented the Statewide Airborne Electromagnetic Survey Project and have now collected over 15,000 line-miles of data, covering the extent of 78 groundwater subbasins, including the entire Central Valley. The AEM data have been interpreted for material texture (coarse fraction) and can be used to better understand groundwater recharge pathways and identify potential aquifer recharge locations.

Implementation at Terranova Ranch (Lunch-MAR | October 2023)

Presenter Don Cameron shares updates of MAR operations at Terranova Ranch. Terranova Ranch produces over 25 premium quality conventional and organic crops as effectively, productively and sustainably as possible on over 6,000 acres in the central San Joaquin Valley of California. For over 25 years they have been working toward recharging the aquifer below their farmlands, their main source of irrigation water. Work is progressing on built infrastructure that will allow capture and distribution

CEFF and Flood-MAR: Managing Ecological Flood Flows (Lunch-MAR | September 2023)

Join to hear a presentation on the California Environmental Flows Framework (CEFF). CEFF is a management approach to efficiently develop scientifically defensible environmental flow recommendations that balance human and ecological needs for water. CEFF was developed to help managers improve the speed, consistency, standardization, and technical rigor in establishing environmental flow recommendations statewide. This presentation will provide an overview of CEFF and explore potential