Network Event Videos

Network Event Videos

The Flood-MAR Network host quarterly workshops. These workshops provide opportunities for members to engage in conversations and collaborate on Flood-MAR projects.

180 Day Technical and Regulatory Assistance Program Workshop (Network Event | May 2023)

State Water Resources Control Board, CA Department of Water Resources, and CA Department of Fish and Wildlife co-hosted a workshop on the 180-day temporary water rights permit application process and the technical and regulatory assistance available for local public agencies working on recharge projects using high flows.

Lesson Learned from Winter 2022-23, Workshop Event (FloodMAR Network | March 2023)

This workshop reviewed actual Flood-MAR efforts, highlight successes as well as missed opportunities, and culminated in the identification of Network actions that are needed to place California on the path to realizing the goal of increasing average annual managed groundwater recharge by 500,000 ac-ft.

FloodMAR Network Update (Lunch-MAR |April 2021)

In this April 2021 LunchMAR Session, Orit Kalman (CSUS), Jenny Marr (DWR) and Mike Antos (Santec) offer an update on the Flood-MAR network.