ESA, in conjunction with DWR, developed a CEQA and Permitting Flowchart for groundwater projects along with an accompanied informational table to assist groundwater project proponents in GSP implementation.

This document summarizes incentives and water management strategies that Central
Valley of California water districts and groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) have
developed and provided to landowners and growers in their regions to accelerate
groundwater recharge and reduce groundwater pumping in overdrafted areas.

The purpose of this guidance document is to equip water districts, GSAs, and their
technical consultants with the necessary considerations, publicly available tools, and
examples to design and refine groundwater recharge programs that address the specific
needs and priorities of all stakeholders in their subbasins. By incorporating strategic and innovative approaches, these programs can maximize results benefiting various parts of
a watershed, including water quantity and quality, flood risk

This document gathers observed results and lessons learned from over a decade of Sustainable Conservation working directly with growers and irrigation districts to implement on-farm recharge.