TitleOn-Farm Recharge Methods Manual: a summary of strategies and challenges
Resource Author(s)
  • Sustainable Conservation
  • Department of Water Resources
Year of Publication2023
Link to Report/Websitesuscon.org
Full Description

This document gathers observed results and lessons learned from over a decade of Sustainable Conservation working directly with growers and irrigation districts to implement on-farm recharge. Its purpose is to provide practical information about on-farm recharge from growers to growers. The intended audience is growers interested in on-farm recharge, as well as technical assistance providers such as resource conservation districts, crop advisors, and non-profit organizations.

Topic Area(s)
  • Crop System Suitability
  • Infrastructure Conveyance and Hydraulics
  • Recharge and Extraction Methods and Measurement
  • Soils, Geology, and Aquifer Characterization
  • Tool and Application Development
  • Water Quality

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