TitleImplementation at Terranova Ranch (Lunch-MAR | October 2023)
Resource Author(s)
  • Don Cameron
YouTube Linkyoutu.be
Date of RecordingOctober 4, 2023
Full Description

Presenter Don Cameron shares updates of MAR operations at Terranova Ranch. Terranova Ranch produces over 25 premium quality conventional and organic crops as effectively, productively and sustainably as possible on over 6,000 acres in the central San Joaquin Valley of California. For over 25 years they have been working toward recharging the aquifer below their farmlands, their main source of irrigation water. Work is progressing on built infrastructure that will allow capture and distribution of floodwater to Terranova and nearby farmland for on-farm recharge. At full capacity, the Ranch will be able to recharge up to 1,000 acre feet of floodwater per day.

Resource Host Organization, Partner Organizations (Optional)
  • California State Board of Food and Agriculture
  • Terranova Ranch
Topic Area(s)
  • Crop System Suitability
  • Local, State, and Federal Policies and Legal Considerations
  • Recharge and Extraction Methods and Measurement
  • Soils, Geology, and Aquifer Characterization

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