Flood-MAR Resources


This section contains guidance on how to approach a Flood-MAR project. This includes fact sheets, resources on funding, permitting information, and more.

Introduction to Groundwater Recharge

Through this guide, California almond growers can begin evaluating their options for addressing local sub-basin overdraft through recharge, helping secure reliable, sufficient, and drought resilient groundwater supplies. In areas where soil conditions are suitable and excess water is available, ground water recharge represents one of the most cost-effective methods to

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Multi-Benefit Recharge Project Methodology

The Multi-Benefit Recharge Project Methodology Guidance Document summarizes considerations and planning that may go into designing, selecting, implementing, and monitoring a multi-benefit recharge project focused on creating suitable shorebird habitat. Projects should be customized to the specific settings and needs of each GSA in order to reach GSP sustainability goals

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Building Multi-Benefit Recharge Basins

Groundwater recharge provides an opportunity to create habitat for wildlife, in addition to helping water managers balance their water budget. This guide highlights recharge basin management strategies that create wildlife habitat and provide operational benefits to basin managers.

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This section includes research relevant to Flood-MAR.

Tools and Data

This section features Flood-MAR related data, modeling tools, maps, and more.

SGMA Data Viewer

As part of DWR’s technical assistance to Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSAs), other water managers, and the public, DWR has developed the SGMA Data Viewer. The

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Links to External References

This section links to resources such as Flood-MAR in the news, relevant policies, guidelines, recommendations and more.

Groundwater Exchange website

The Groundwater Exchange is a central, collaborative, and publicly accessible online resource center connecting water managers, water users, and community members with tools and resources

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Groundwater Resource Hub

The purpose of the Groundwater Resource Hub is to help local agencies achieve sustainable groundwater management by providing the science and tools needed to help

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